For over 15 years, Enjoy magazine has been a beacon of community pride, showcasing the best of living in Northern California. Behind this vibrant publication is a dedicated team whose passion for storytelling and local culture shines through every page. – Learn More

Meet the Team:

Co-publishers Yvonne Mazzotta and Michelle Adams, along with editor-in-chief Ronda Ball-Alvey, photographer James Mazzotta, new business developer, and store director, and sales representative Michael O’Brien, form the dynamic core of Enjoy magazine. With years of experience together, they’ve cultivated a close-knit team focused on highlighting the essence of Northern California living.
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Showcasing the North State:

At Enjoy, the mission is clear: to share the richness and beauty of life in the North State. From breathtaking local destinations to the inspiring stories of creative individuals and the vibrant sense of community, Enjoy magazine captures the heart and soul of Northern California. With every issue, the team strives to evoke a sense of pride and appreciation for the region they call home. – Learn More

Pride in Craftsmanship:

With a collective experience of over 60 years in design, the Enjoy team brings a wealth of expertise to their craft. From Michelle’s keen eye for color to Yvonne’s trend-setting creativity, each member contributes their unique talents to the publication. Ronda keeps things organized and ensures smooth operations, while James’s visionary photography captures the essence of Northern California’s beauty.
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Supporting the Local Economy:

Through their focus on local stories and engaging design, Enjoy magazine plays a vital role in supporting the Northern California economy. By showcasing area businesses and events, Enjoy fosters a sense of community pride and encourages readers to explore and support local establishments. From print distribution to online presence and community events, Enjoy magazine is deeply rooted in the fabric of Northern California life. – Learn More

Connecting with the Community:

With 20,000 copies distributed monthly across Northern California, an online platform featuring hundreds of articles, and a robust social media presence, Enjoy magazine is a cornerstone of community engagement. Through local events and sponsorships, the team actively participates in and contributes to the vibrant tapestry of Northern California life. – Learn More

Experience the Joy of Northern California Living:

From cover to cover, Enjoy magazine celebrates the diversity, beauty, and spirit of Northern California. Join the thousands of readers who find inspiration and joy in the pages of Enjoy, and discover the magic of life in the North State.