Phi Air Medical

As the leading air ambulance provider in the United States, PHI Air Medical sets the standard in the air medical industry, delivering unmatched safety and excellence in patient care. With a mission to move communities to health while maintaining the highest standard of safety, PHI Air Medical is dedicated to providing swift, reliable, and compassionate transportation for those in need. – Learn More

Unparalleled Service and Expertise:

With a proud legacy of safely transporting more than 22,500 patients each year, PHI Air Medical operates out of over 82 bases across the United States. At each base, a dedicated crew of pilots, nurses, and mechanics stands ready to respond, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of care during critical moments. – Learn More

Innovative Solutions for Critical Care:

PHI Air Medical is committed to innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry-first features to enhance patient outcomes and streamline operations. With the industry-first tracking feature Family Trax, loved ones can monitor the patient’s journey from the scene to the hospital in real-time, providing peace of mind during stressful situations. – Learn More

Protecting Your Family’s Financial Security:

Unexpected medical emergencies can bring significant financial burdens, but with PHI Cares, you can safeguard your family from out-of-pocket costs associated with air ambulance services. As a member of the national air ambulance membership program, PHI Cares provides financial and safety coverage for you and your household dependents, ensuring that you receive the care you need without worrying about financial constraints. – Learn More

Patient Financial Services:

PHI Air Medical understands the importance of supporting patients beyond transportation, which is why their Patient Financial Services team advocates for patients and helps navigate the financial services process post-flight. Whether negotiating with insurance providers, setting up payment plans, or exploring special consideration programs, PHI Air Medical works tirelessly to alleviate financial burdens for patients and their families. – Learn More

Experience Peace of Mind with PHI Air Medical:

When it comes to critical care transportation, trust the expertise and commitment of PHI Air Medical. With a fleet of over 100 helicopters, a mobile and web-based application for swift deployment, and dedicated patient financial services, PHI Air Medical is your trusted partner in times of need. – Learn More

Join PHI Air Medical in their mission to move communities to health while prioritizing safety and excellence in patient care.